Baking 101: A Trend In Makeup Tutorials You Need To Know

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Feature | Baking 101: A Trend In Makeup Tutorials You Need To Know

You know what contouring and strobing are, but do you have any idea what baking your makeup means? You might be surprised to know how in the beauty world, “baking” has a completely different meaning than what you're used to. When we talk about baking, we're not talking about your favorite cupcakes, we're talking about baking makeup!

The term “baking” has been used by the drag community for years, but it had been recently brought to the forefront of the Internet's attention, thanks to Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic. And if it's good enough for Kim, then you bet we'd all be on board!  Welcome Baking 101–let's decode how it's done!

Baking 101: What You Need to Know to Do It Like a Pro!


Step 1. Apply and Blend

Do your usual routine before applying anything on your face–clean up and apply moisturizer sometime before applying makeup. Use your favorite facial wash and moisturizer as per instruction. Pay particular attention to your eyes, especially the undereye area. Apply your moisturizer and wait for a few a few minutes before applying foundation.

You are now ready to apply liquid foundation as your makeup base. Pick a liquid foundation with a matte finish. Using a foundation brush, apply it evenly on your face. Using blendable concealer, draw an inverted triangle under your eyes. With a soft blend concealer brush, work under your eyes and blend away.

Step 2. Layer with a Loose Setting Powder

Now, a powder and concealer are the nitty-gritty of baking your makeup. With a makeup blender, softly buff your concealer in to hide what you need to minimize. Using the same makeup blender, layer a loose setting powder over the areas where you applied concealer.

Step 3. Let Bake for 1 to 3 Minutes

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To “bake” your makeup, all you have to do is let your translucent powder set on your skin for 1-3 minutes. The natural heat of your skin will change the color and texture of the setting powder, thus allowing it to seamlessly blend with the skin. By allowing it to settle into the skin, you avoid makeup mishaps like “creasing” or “caking”. While you are waiting for the makeup to set in, you might want to work on outlining your eyebrows.

Step 4. Dust Away Remaining Powder

After your few minutes of waiting is up, use a big fluffy makeup brush to dust the remaining translucent powder over your face. Now that is what you call baking your makeup!

Step 5. Finish with a Setting Spray

A setting spray puts the finishing touch on your whole makeup look. Hold your makeup setting spray to your face at an arm's length. Spray a few squirts and let it dry on its own.

All Done!

Now that this essential part is done, you can go ahead and apply blush and makeup to your eyes and lips. Baking your makeup is a nifty trick to help keep you looking fresh all day. You will want your lipstick to last just as long, so learn how to make your lipstick last all day long here!

For your eyes, this tip should do the trick: Tightlining 101: Make Your Eyes Bigger & Brighter With This Simple Trick!


If you're want to try this not-so-new makeup trend, check out this baking makeup tutorial infographic below! Save it, pin it or bookmark this page for future reference!

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Bake your makeup like a pro with this easy guide. Photo by The Glossy


There you go, beauty buffs: How to do this makeup baking trend on your own. Learn your baking 101 or how to bake makeup and move your way up to doing your own makeup like a pro. So for big events and day-long affairs, baking your makeup will certainly give you the celebrity-on-the-red-carpet look. You now know how they do it, and now you can do it without hiring an expensive makeup artist!

Would you give this baking 101 makeup tutorial a try? Tell us all about your thoughts and technique for it in the comments section below! 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 10, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.